No one business can thrive without creating awareness to the general public. Advertising is an all too spontaneous seller in the corporate world. And, the truth is if you’re not well-versed in its application, you’re bound to fall out totally. That’s one ugly fact no one ever mentions for startups.

The question as to whether you’re getting it right doesn’t pop up either if you happen to be a regular in the corporate business. That’s a huge problem!

Like it or not, advertising does count. So if you’re not savvy-spec in marketing, there’s no need to panic.  We’ve got the antidote for you. On the other hand, if marketing is the major in your business profile, you still need to check that you’re not missing out on anything. Here’s more knowledge you could take in;

Create a story, be creative

An effective marketing strategy entails an engaging, compelling story –a short, concise writeup that pulls everyone in. To put that right, you would need to get all the elements of a story together. Call it plotting.

As does a play, you’d need to focus on your characters –your target audience. Look deeper into the challenges they are facing, and come up with a marketing campaign that guarantees your services would be able to solve just that. (By the way, that’s something to revisit if your product does not already address a problem.). Focus on those pain points and delve right into motivating them (your audience). By connecting dots and thinning the line between their problems and your services, you would have procured a solution, while also giving value and establishing your stance in the market. That’s the climax!

Coordinate your central message

What is the central idea behind your brand? What are the tales your business is based upon? Those are questions you need to answer by yourself. Your story should be in line with these and should be consistent. Your strategy should not be disjointed with what your brand represents. Instead, they should align authentically, to attract an ROI on your marketing energy –which in turn causes an increase. That’s where content marketing takes the lead.

Incorporate your employees’ opinions

It’s easy to get stuck if you’re the only steady one on the job, and that’s not surprising at all. Producing authentic content for your brand is not a one-man job.  It requires the joint effort and ideas of everyone in your organization. Your employees already get the drill. To that end, you should set the tables for the road map. They have a voice, and you shouldn’t shut it out. Ask for their opinions, and incorporate them too.  Trust them with little marketing tasks within the company, if you can’t trust them with the big ones.

That way, all hands are on deck to steer the ship, and there is a flow of ideas within your organization. That’s the whole drift of advertising after all.

Brand, don’t sell

Rather than selling, you should focus more on branding.  It may sound funny, but here’s what you should know. Apple is a great product, and that’s a known fact. You’ve surely never seen them release ads telling consumers to buy their products or patronize them in some ‘selling’ way. Instead, they follow the branding route and are more persistent with it. They instigate people to make the ‘right choice’ in that sense. In their ads, you’d notice that they propose a better way of living –”Think Different” is the mantra. That phrase automatically appeals to potential consumers who are slowly pulled in, oblivious of the idea. That’s a strategy that Apple has used over the years to remain in the A-game.

Focusing on building relationships and bringing your brand’s core values to the market is truly the peak of advertising.


Ad campaigns are significant milestones your company should capitalize on. Your ads should not appear forced; instead, they should be as natural as time gets. That’s where consistency and brand integrity meet!

In the end, upholding your brand’s values is spot on for your business.  

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