We have core competence in the following service areas:



Crafting compelling messages and strategies to effectively connect with your target audience, bridging the gap between your brand and customers through persuasive storytelling.


Media Planning and

Developing innovative concepts and strategies that drive business growth, adapt to market changes, and position your brand for success.


Production of
Promotional Materials

Designing and creating promotional materials that effectively convey your brand message, from brochures to digital content and everything in between.


Brand Architecture and Nurturing

Building a solid foundation for your brand identity and continuously nurturing it to ensure consistency and relevance in the ever-evolving marketplace.


Business Strategy/
Concepts Development

Developing innovative concepts and strategies that drive business growth, adapt to market changes, and position your brand for success.


Consumer Engagements and
Experiential Marketing

Creating immersive brand experiences that engage and resonate with consumers, fostering a deeper connection and loyalty to your products or services.


Events Management and
Corporate Gifts

Seamlessly orchestrating memorable events and providing thoughtful corporate gifts that leave a lasting impression on clients, partners, and employees.


Research and
Development (R&D)

Conducting in-depth research and analysis to inform business decisions and drive innovation, ensuring your brand stays at the forefront of your industry.

Digital Solutions

We offer the following solutions:


Web Development


Social Media Management


Project Management


Creative Designs


Content Creation


Data Analytics


App Development

Digital Solutions

Associates & Recognitions


Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON)


Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN)


MIAMI-DADE Chamber of Commerce, Florida, USA.


What our clients say
about our work.

MAY & BAKER is consistently striving to be in the forefront of pharmaceutical excellence and we are open to working with the best marketing communications companies, RINET Limited inclusive, that would help us achieve this to match and beat competition.

Mr. Nnamdi Okafor

Managing Director / CEO, May & Baker Plc.

As an Ex-banker, a well-traveled Diplomat and an Industrialist, my exposure to different cultures and nuances draw great strength from how the locals respond to Advertising and the current Social Media buzz and how the effects of these tools of communication influence them in their perception and decisions in the choice of brands they accept or use.

AMB. Godson Echegile (OON)

Former Ambassador to Sierra Leone

As a person, I take learning from this famous quote that ``DOING BUSINESS WITHOUT ADVERTISING IS LIKE WINKING AT A LADY YOU FANCY IN THE DARK!!!``
This has been an operational dictum at NOSAK GROUP in relationship to the role RINET LTD has played in our business till date.

Dr. Toni Ogunbor

Chairman, NOSAK Group

Our relationship with Rinet Limited spans over 2 decades and this has been mutually beneficial to both organizations.
Their service delivery in the brands and Promotions space has imparted our value chain over time and we intend to keep it that way.

Mr. Felix Nwabuko

Managing Director/CEO Presco Plc.

The operational growth of our Group of Companies has been hugely hinged on the loyal partners we have had over the years, who have helped us in diverse ways to be where we are today.
We have also been fortunate to have worked with some of the best marketing communication companies of repute, of note is RINET Ltd.

Mr. Victor O. Eburajolo

Deputy Group Managing Director, Chellarams Plc

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