5 Latest Trends in Advertising You need to know

The race in advertising is on and no one wants to be left behind, hence the need to keep abreast of the latest trends in advertising.

               Advertising trends have advanced from what we used to know, hence it is very important to keep up with these trends to stay ahead.  A lot of things happened in 2020, it is important to input new initiatives in your business to achieve better results. We cannot keep on doing the same thing and continue to expect different results.

 Let us look at the various trends in advertising:

1.            Targeted advertising

With the advent of digital advertising, many advertisers are making use of various digital platforms to advertise but it is beginning to bore people. This is why targeted advertising has become a latest trend in the advertisement industry.

What is Targeted advertising?

Targeted advertising can also be called specific advertising, it simply means advertising to people based on their specific traits, interests, and preferences.

Targeted advertising helps advertisers to create specific ads, it increases the rate of conversion. A customer who likes clothes and an ad showing clothes pop up on his or her phone will be more prompted to buy compared to a customer who is not interested in clothes. Targeted advertising is a major trend in the advertisement industry and it is helping companies to make better sales. Learn more about Targeted advertising.

2.   Video Marketing

Video marketing has been a major trend in the advertising industry, the use of videos has been proven to provide good results when it comes to advertising. Video marketing is the use of videos to create or generate awareness about a product or service.

Research showed that video marketing had a slight increase in the year 2020 and will continue to increase this year. People are watching videos online more than before and this is an opportunity for businesses to leverage this to advertise. It is a great and effective advertising strategy.

3.  Content Marketing

Customers want value, give them Value with content marketing.

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, engaging, and interesting content consistently to attract and retain a specific audience to drive profitable customer action.

The use of content marketing is another great trend in the advertising industry.

Your customers should be the target audience of your content, give them value and they will stay. You cannot own a fashion brand and create content that is based on academics. Make your content relevant, engaging, and creative.

  Content marketing is highly relevant in the industry. It increases sales, boosts your visibility online, and gives you loyal customers. Do not wait any more, get started with content marketing. Don’t know how to start? Let’s help you.

4.    Social media marketing

There has been an increase in the number of people using social media handles. Communication has changed from what it used to be which includes phone calls, direct messaging to the use of social media. People make use of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter to communicate now.

Social media marketing is one of the top trends in advertising, leveraging on social media platforms for your business is very important to drive sales. The use of reels, stories, and posts on Instagram; fleet, retweet on Twitter, and so on have proven to be highly effective. Asides from the usual posts, engagements, and communication used on social media, Social media can be used as a market research tool to understand your customers better and it can help in knowing your targeted audience. Social media remains very effective in advertising.

5.         Mobile advertising

According to Statista, we have about 3.8 billion people using smartphones and this is about 48.33% of the population of the world. The use of mobile apps has also increased and is still increasing, whenever people want to get something done, they check for an app that will help them get it done. This has made mobile advertising to be one of the latest trends in advertising. Mobile advertising helps you to build a specific audience.

Apart from advertising on mobile apps, businesses have started developing apps that will help their targeted audience perform tasks faster and easier. This is another way to leverage mobile advertising.

The above trends are very important in having an in-depth understanding of your audience, improving your advertising strategies, increasing leads and conversions, and giving your customers a superb customer experience. Every business has to work continuously to stand out from the competition.

 Stay ahead with us.

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