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Social Search: What It Is and How to Add It to Your Marketing Strategy

Social Search: What It Is and How to Add It to Your Marketing Strategy

First, a definition. Social search is different than traditional search, as it takes into account information pertaining to your social graph, thereby allowing users to discover content created by family, friends, and colleagues, among others. And while Google and other traditional search platforms aren’t going anywhere, social search will likely play a larger role in

3 Big Reasons Experiential Marketing Is The Future Of Retail

According to a 2019 Forbes report, Traditional marketing simply doesn’t cut it anymore and because experiential marketing directly engages customers, inviting them to experience brands in-person rather than putting them in the role of an observer, it has become the future of retail.  93% of consumers claim that live events have a larger influence on

Top 6 Customer Retention Strategies to Drive Repeat Sales

“Repeat sales is the ultimate proof of brand loyalty,” states a 2019 research report from Investopedia. Whether you believe this or not, this is the most proven way for organizations to measure how much their customers are satisfied with their products and services. Here are  4 reasons why customer retention and repeat sales should be

Innovate or Quit! 7 ways to make your company more innovative

Innovation has become the only means of survival in an exceedingly competitive, and “survival of the fittest” business space.  With a 13.39% increase in the inflation rate in Nigeria in 2020 and 7.5 million small businesses at the risk of shutting down as a result of the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, there is no


Good ideas. Bad ideas. Ideas. Starting an online business this 2020 begins in the ideation process. And oftentimes, many people do not thoroughly check what loose ends there might be. They get overly excited knowing that they are taking the big ‘entrepreneurial’ step. It’s a new phase, and it’s huge. So, they get carried away.


We live in a world of philosophies – wrong, or right. Who’s ethical and who isn’t. And with SEO, it’s no different.  Search Engine Optimization employs tactics that thread along these credos. So, it isn’t exactly compulsive.  Whatever path you decide to tread, no one’s going to beat you up (literally).  However, Google gets to reward your

2020 Business Tips To Kick-Start The Year

Whether you realize it or not, 2020 is the year to deviate from boring norms. It’s the start of a whole new decade, and the business world continues to evolve. You shouldn’t find yourself on the lag line, that’s why we are going to help you Kick-start the year 2020 with great business tips. Stick