Does Marketing Matter? – 8 Benefits of Marketing

Marketing - Types and benefits

Does marketing matter? Marketing is the process and ability to explore, create, and deliver value to meet the targeted audience’s needs in the form of goods and services. It can also be described as creating awareness in the mind of prospective buyers of the availability of a product or service in the market.

Marketing entails identifying customers, managing their needs, and satisfying customers’ needs and wants. It is one of the significant components of commerce and business. It is the action of selecting, promoting, and selling products or services.

 A company or business owner does activities to promote and sell products or goods to prospective buyers is known as marketing. It enables people to get interested in your products or services. Marketing involves researching, promoting, selling, and distributing products and services to attract, acquire and retain buyers by satisfying their needs and wants.

Marketing encompasses all the strategies business owners employ to promote their brands and sales.

Components of Marketing

There are four significant components referred to as the 4PS of marketing. These include:

  1. Product: without a product, what do you market? The answer is Nothing; therefore, a product is what a company or brand offers for sale. Products could be in the form of goods or services rendered to satisfy consumers’ needs and wants. As a seller or business owner, the most important thing is to decide your product based on consumers’ needs and motivation and how they will use it.
  1. Price: This is the value placed on your product. It is the worth of the goods or services for which the consumer is willing and able to pay. Pricing is also an essential part of marketing strategy. As a brand, you must know your targetted audience’s purchasing power to encourage and increase the sale with the mind of delivering quality service.
  1. Place: The physical and none physical environment where you make your sale is called the place. Strategic locations for business can be online or physical stores depending on your targeted audience and scale of business. The goal of place is to enable consumers to access the goods and services wanted across the globe.
  1. Promotion: This refers to all activities to create awareness about a product. It is the communication done to showcase the benefit of your product and goods in the market over competitive ones.


Benefits of Marketing

Haven’t you considered what marketing is? Does it matter in business? Yes, marketing is an essential tool in promoting your day-to-day companies. Here are eight benefits that show that it is critical.

1.    It helps create brand awareness: Marketing helps promote and make your brand popular in the market over other opponents. It also makes you memorable to customers who can trust your brand and refer you to their network.

2.    It helps to increase sales: Every business owners want to improve their revenue, and marketing can help to achieve this goal by optimizing your SEO and website, creating emails, etc. A good marketing strategy will help promote more sales from your existing and new customers. It makes it less complicated for customers to find you easily and more visible when people want to know about you. Marketing is a tool that helps to increase sales.

3.    It helps to manage and increase your brand’s reputation: Your business prestige is very vital. As you market online through advertising, being understandable, connecting with customers, and using creative tactics will strengthen your reputation positively. Building your brand status is one of the marketing benefits that smaller businesses either outlook or ignore.

4. It makes you build or earn trust: Marketing helps you earn trust from customers through visibility. Without trust signals, businesses are likely not to make sales as people do not buy from who they do not have confidence. You can use great marketing techniques that get people to your website.

5. Marketing promotes cordial relationships with customers: good relationships are promoted between sellers and buyers with marketing. There is a good meeting point, either physical or online. It enables customers to ask and seek redress on any matter relating to service rendered. It increases involvement which bends to word of mouth.

6.    Marketing enhances Exchanges in the Claim and Possession of Goods and Services: Producers/manufacturers know about the specific needs and choices of the people and the customers regarding the manufacturers’ products. It fastens the act of buying and selling.

7.    Marketing Boosts the Standard of Living: Through the provision of more items of necessities, satisfaction, and convenience, cheaper as well as costly, and with more services and amenities at its disposal, the community enjoys a higher standard of living as well as the seller.

8. Marketing improves your knowledge about the marketplace: Marketing is a tool to employ if you want to know about the market. Different competitors are easily studied and researched through marketing; hence knowledge gained from research helps better your business as more ideas and insights are gotten from the competitors.

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5 Reasons Why Marketing Is Essential for Small Businesses

Small businesses need marketing to grow effectively; let a significant part of your budget be directed at marketing. For growth, the company needs to connect to new customers and tell the world that there is business here. If you don’t have customers or clients, your business can’t thrive (and neither can you). Read below as we highlight the effect of marketing on small businesses.

It helps to inform the People about your product or service 

The public needs to know that your business exists, and that is where marketing comes in. You assume that because your business makes a great product or provides an excellent service, you might be under the impression that it’ll be easy for your company to stand out. It does not work that way. There are many businesses that people are patronizing, and they lack quality. Still, because of effective marketing, they were able to stand out. Now imagine, good quality and effective. Your business will break out.

Society needs to know you exist, so some of your marketing tactics are meant to introduce you to new customers. Whether through consistent posts on social media handles, your blog, videos, direct advertising, or other digital channels, brands and retailers alike need to frequently connect with prospective customers to build brand awareness.

Build Trust with your Customers

To make your small business as successful as possible, you need to build a loyal following for your brand. People will have to come back to your business regularly to buy products and services from you. It is one thing to gain a customer; it is another thing to retain that customer.

After making these prospective buyers aware of your products or services, you have to gain their trust. At this stage, think about marketing strategies that display your unique value proposition to your audience. You might give them case studies, special deals, or proof of your expertise in your field to earn this trust. Marketing helps to establish some sense of trust between companies and customers. Companies can use marketing techniques like email marketing and the like to create trust with their customers and keep them returning for more products and services in the future.

Educates customers about your products or services

As a small business owner, you should devote a huge amount of your time to learning your products or perfecting your services. You know everything about them visually and clearly understand how they work. But many people who might benefit from your products and services might not know much about them. Marketing gives you a platform to educate people about your products and services and show them why they need to buy them from you.

Educating your customers about products or services is one of the reasons marketing is essential and plays a significant role for small businesses.

Gives you an upper edge over your Local Competition

Many businesses are like yours, but your marketing strategy makes you stand out. Your marketing strategy helps you beat the other local competition in your area.

If you don’t capture leads and customers in your area, your competitors will. Effective marketing is vital for beating the local competition.

Increased Sales & Revenue

With the right small business marketing campaign, you can build and connect more effectively with consumers, resulting in better sales and higher overall revenue.

Utilizing advertising and sales promotion, marketing helps a company earn more profits by decreasing the cost of Distribution and increasing the demand for the product on the other hand.

At the end of the day, your objective as a small business owner is to make money. You want to make as many sales and services as you can for your customers. As long as you market your products and services correctly, you should be able to drum up sales for your business in no time. Educating consumers about them and talking to people about why they need them will result in more sales.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing tells people about your products, fulfills customer needs using offline channels, and makes a profit.

Traditional marketing refers to the satisfaction of the needs and wants of consumers through those marketing channels that existed before individuals had access to modern digital platforms.

Traditional marketing methods involve magazines, telephone books, radio, newspapers, and TV advertising. These ads are placed for a fee that corresponds to the size of the ad and the medium in which it is published.

In years past, when everyone read the local newspaper or received a new phone book every year, these were the most vital media or marketing channels on which many business owners could bank. However, there have been revolutions in media technology. More and more people choose to get their news online rather than choose a  newspaper with limited readers. Many households no longer use telephone books since it is often easier to look numbers up online. The excellent part of choosing online, it is even cheaper and attracts more people. It works faster and easier. So Traditional Marketing is gradually going out of the way and has limited results, though we can not take away the impact of experiential Marketing in reaching out to target audience.

Local radio, cable TV, and billboards are valuable options for business owners with bigger marketing budgets to sponsor.

More affordable traditional options include door flyers, windshield flyers, and direct mail. Find a reliable marketing strategy that focuses on creating campaigns that suit your budget, industry, and target market.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing specialists can use any marketing that uses electronic devices to convey promotional messaging and measure its impact on your customer journey. The term digital marketing refers to the application of digital channels to market products and services to reach consumers. This type of marketing involves using websites, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other similar digital channels. Digital marketing underwent a new transition with the advent of the internet in the 1990s.

 There are different channels through which digital marketing operates: Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more.

Forms of Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization

Content Marketing

Social media marketing

Pay-per-click marketing

Affiliate marketing

Native advertising

Marketing automation

Email Marketing


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Marketing Necessary?

Yes, it is essential for a company’s growth and to increase the profit of an institution.

Does marketing do anything?

Marketing helps to promote your company’s brand. It helps you interact with your customers to see what they like and adjust to their needs.

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