The Call to Action that Calls to Action

The Call to action that calls to action

 A call to action (CTA) is a piece of content that is used to persuade customers to take a desired action. It is used in marketing campaigns to encourage customers or prospective customers to take a specific action. The bottom line is that CTA helps to motivate your target market to take action.

What is the Call to action that calls to action?

How to get a call to action that calls to action?

  1. Start with a hook!

Do not start your content with the call to action, start with something that will hook your audience. For example:

You want to sell a doughnut:

Hook: Ever tasted a doughnut and you continued asking for more?

CTA: Order for ABC doughnut and you will ask for more

  • Make your CTA short

A long call to action might not interest your targeted customers, use a short CTA. They will be able to read it quickly and take action quickly.

  1. Read more
  2. Buy now
  3. Order Yours
  4. Take me to the world
  • Use action words (verbs)

Examples of short Call to action (CTAs)

Your CTA should have a verb, make use of action words that will communicate what you want your customers to do. It is a call to action, so it should have an action word.

In the examples above, we have a verb in every example. An action word is very important.

  • Make it Personal

If a friend asks me to do something and an outsider asks me to do another thing, I will first answer my friend before the outsider. Make your audience feel like you are their friend, use first-person words in your text.

  • Make it compelling 

Let your Call to action create a sense of urgency in the minds of your audience, let it compel them to do it at the time they are reading it. Allow your targeted customers to understand why they need to take action at that time.

  • Allow your customers to see value

What will I get from responding to your CTA?

How will it benefit me?

These are the questions on the mind of your customers. Your call to action should show value or benefits to your customers. At Rinet, we promise our customers that we will grow their brands and give their brands the online presence they deserve so we use the CTA Grow your brand or promote your brand

  • Proffer a Solution to a problem

What are you proposing?

What problem are you solving?

Do not just show them the solution, show them the problem. Let them know the problem! Your customers might not even know there is a problem, show them the problem in a way that will prompt them to want a solution and show them your solution in a way that it will prompt them to want your solution.

  • Your CTA should stand out

Do not just fix it in the middle of the text without a special highlight or color. Allow your CTA to stand out from the rest of the text. If you are using black text for the body and introduction, your CTA can be in a color that depicts your brand. Allow your CTA to stand out!

It has been a wonderful ride learning all about the Call to action (CTA). Rinet has an easy way out for you, join our email community and gain useful and effective marketing strategies I would not wait if I were you! Join now

Temiloluwa Abiola
Temiloluwa Abiola

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